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Hopefully you get to use the 5 days to recharge...maybe even an opportunity to celebrate your acheivements so far. Its fine to feel outside of your comfort zone. Each time you push on, the last unsurmountable challenge will seem less significant. Keep going and keep the journal moving

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You’re entirely right about that. As we go, the challenging aspects do seem to get easier. One thing that has been hard to overcome is the fact that, without proper tourism infrastructure or competition, locals have been burning a hole in our wallet. Good for them to make the money when they can, but it has left a sour taste. I wanted to earn their respect by meeting them in their element, but so far it couldn’t be further from what has happened.

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Obstacles and doubts are what turn a good adventure into a great one 😉💪🏼

I couldn't have explained it better. Keep writing !

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