Jan 30, 2023Liked by Adam J. Cheshier

Back to basics ! We could all do with some humbling experiences occasionally, just to remind us that whilst we may see ourselves elevated above others, the reality is we all have the most basic primal requirements ! Great to hear that even the most challenging of times appears to bring some joy to your heart and soul

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I really appreciate your comments, Michael. This has already been the ultimate reminder of my privilege -- something I’ve understood for a long time but not quite the magnitude.

When planning this journey, I didn’t look at it as the type of personal reflection time that it has become. Meaning, my mind has been clouded with far thoughts from what I originally planned to write about.

To be so immersed in poverty and -- in reality, hopelessness -- for this long has broken me. I’ve been humbled, but mostly, my heart is hurting for so many.

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